7 Best C-Dramas & TW-Dramas To Add To Your Watch List

Here’s a list of the top C-dramas and TW dramas.

“Some Day or One Day”


“Some Day or One Day” is a wonderfully written time-traveling romance mystery drama. The drama has been praised numerous times since its release. It has received many well-deserved accolades. It is thoughtfully written, has solid and effective acting, and a great soundtrack. It is one of the most compelling time travel dramas of recent years, and certainly one of my favourite series of the year.

Drama follows Huang Yu Xuan, played by Alice Ke, as she grieves for her boyfriend Wang Quan Sheng. (Greg Han). One day, she wakes up to discover that Chen Yun Ru (17 years old) is her body. After several perplexing events, she decides that she will work with her new friends in order to unravel the mystery behind these strange happenings.

Have you ever been transported back to a scene by a song? Or made nostalgic about the show you just watched? This is what “Someday or One Day,” does. It’s only 12 episodes and you will be left wondering what the characters are up to months later. This is masterful writing.

“The Romance of Tiger and Rose”


Sometimes all you need is a good drama to lift your spirits and get you through holiday blues. “The Romance of Tiger and Rose” is a fun and charming rom-com that will make you laugh and squee at the same time.

Modern-day scriptwriter Chen Xiao Qian (Zhao Lu Si) wakes up to find herself in the script that she wrote. It’s the best part about this story: she is a minor character that dies very early. The drama centers on her attempts to rewrite her fate and her romantic and comedic interactions with the male lead, Han Shuo (Ding Yu Xi).

It’s a much less complicated time travel drama than “Some Day or One Day.” “The Romance of Tiger and Rose,” if you’re looking for something light and breezy, is the perfect choice. It has 24 episodes and offers a refreshing setting, an engaging and funny storyline, and a charming romance.

According to the rumours, they will be doing a sequel. The drama is amazing as it is. However, I am excited to see more of our main couple. They are so adorable together.

“Dating in the Kitchen”

Dating in the Kitchen

“Dating in the Kitchen” is a romantic comedy about a talented young chef and the sharp-tongued businessman/part-time foodie who falls in love with her cooking first, then falls for her.

The drama also stars Zhao Lu Si from “The Romance of Tiger and Rose.” This actress has a winning smile and is so effortlessly good at rom-coms. She is a star of “The Romance of Tiger and Rose” and has amazing chemistry with her co-stars.

“Dating in The Kitchen” is a simple rom-com that has enough sweetness and fluff for you to keep watching. Did we mention the delicious food? You shouldn’t eat this if you don’t feel hungry!

“Twenty Your Life On”


“Twenty Your Life On” follows four college roommates as they complete their last year and prepare for the next chapter of their lives.

Although the drama is not too different from other dramas in its genre, it’s still relatable because of the coming-of-age story. Although the characters may not be perfect, they are like real people that you might meet in real life. Their delicate and precious friendship is also beautifully depicted by the drama. Although they may disagree on small things, they always support one another at the end.

Drama doesn’t hide the reality of life. You lose your job and relationships fail. Nobody can figure out what life is like at 22. You will still leave college with a lot of memories and some lifelong friends.

“My Roommate is a Detective”

“My Roommate is a Detective”

“My Roommate is a Detective” is a detective drama set in the 1920s in Shanghai. It is about Lu Yao (Hu Yi Yi Tian), a Cambridge medical and maths graduate who teams up with Qiao Chu Sheng, a stoic detective, to solve crimes.

Hu Yi Tian’s hilarious performance in his most memorable role is what makes the drama so funny. Lu Yao is a playful version of Sherlock Holmes-type character. This is refreshingly different from the intelligent genius protagonist. It is enjoyable to see his bromance with Chu Sheng, which is because of their great chemistry and how well they complement each other.

The drama is lighthearted and entertaining. It never deviates from fun and lighthearted. The beautiful retro outfits and sets are an eye-catcher.

“Love and Redemption”

“Love and Redemption”

“Love and Redemption” will appeal to those who enjoyed “Eternal Love” and the “Ashes of Love.” It is a fantasy romance between Chu Xuan Ji (Crystal Yuan), a girl with deficits in six senses, and Yu Si Feng, a star student at Lize Palace who must wear a mask because of a curse that cannot be broken if he finds true love.

This show is never boring. It’s action-packed! It has politics and action, as well as the secrets and conspiracies of the main characters. These things all add up to the incredible glory of Xuan Ji’s and Si Feng’s love. It is a love that can endure all hardships and will last a lifetime.

Our female lead, Si Feng, is feminine and very strong. She protects the male lead when he is in distress. Character-wise, Si Feng, the male lead will break your heart. This actor does an incredible job portraying Si Feng’s inexplicable love for Xuan Ji as well as the unimaginable suffering he is willing and able to endure for her.

“Go Ahead”


If you are not in the mood for romance and want something different, “Go Ahead” might be just the drama for you. This family drama is a touching slice of real life that will tug at your heartstrings.

Three young men become pseudo-siblings and are raised by two fathers. Even though they are not related by blood, the five of them quickly form a family. Their relationship with their biological families becomes more complicated as they get older.

Li Hai Chao (one of the dads) is the emotional anchor of the drama. He is so generous and kind to the children and always supports them unconditionally. You can see their growth and maturity through the drama. Unfortunately, they get involved in a love triangle which is quickly resolved. The main attraction is the closeness to their families.

“Go Ahead” can be described as a bowl hot noodle soup, which will warm your heart during winter. Don’t miss it!

What do you think of the list, Guys? What are the dramas that defined your year? Let me know below!

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